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The Congregation of the Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC – Missionari Sacratissimi Cordis) is a religious congregation founded in Germany on March 25, 1900 by Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC. He gave us the name, charism and spirituality of his own congregation whose founder was Fr. Jules Chevalier. Fr. Jules Chevalier is considered as the Spiritual Founder and Fr. Hubert Linckens is known as the Historical Founder of the Congregation.

The charism, spirituality and mission of the MSC Sisters are rooted in Fr. Jules Chevalier’s experience of God’s love revealed in the Heart of Christ. His ardent desire to manifest God’s love to humanity of his time motivated him to spell out the motto – “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus Be Everywhere Loved.” The charism, spirituality and mission particularly emphases three main aspects:
• Concern for all people,
• belief in the loving kindness of God revealed in Christ,
• and the call to make this loving kindness of God visible through our work and our living in charity and kindness.

“For this heart you are in the midst of the world. We have experienced God’s love and care called to share it through our being and our actions, in all circumstances, at all times”.
(Fr. Hubert Linckens MSC)

The MSC Sisters in India is spread in four states, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Orissa. We are engaged in the field of: education, health care, parish ministry, social work, self help program for women, day care centers for children, hostel facilities for working women and students and home for the senior citizens.

Linckens Home is a unit of social service activity of MSC Sisters. Linckens home is situated next to Infant Jesus Church, Viveknagar. It is named after the fond remembrance of our beloved founder Rev. Fr. Hubert Linckens MSC, who was a zealous missionary all through his life. His ardent love and enthusiasm to spread the love Sacred Heart and missionary zeal enabled him to reach out to many countries.
The purpose of the Linckens’ Home is to provide a home for the elderly who are at the evening of their lives and wish to live a stress free life of retirement.
To offer:
• A true homely atmosphere through our love and care,
• A relaxed ambiance to those who wish to spend their retired life peacefully,
• A joyful community living for the senior citizens.
Linckens’ Home has the accommodation for 60 persons. It is open to all senior citizens’ irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. Rooms are available for single and shared occupancy with bath and toilet attached and with minimum other basic facilities. There is an administrator and staff to look after the daily affairs of the home.

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